2017 Division 8 Program

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Welcome to our nation's capital! Home to the US federal government, Washington is also alive with vibrant cultural experiences from the museums around the national mall and scattered throughout the city to the many amazing restaurants and landmarks.

Take a stroll among monuments honoring leaders and heroes of our past as you contemplate what you learn from a fantastic program of social and personality psychology. Featuring cross-disciplinary sessions that showcase a diversity of topics, current issues, and scientific progress, we hope you come away inspired for your own work!

In addition to a weekend full of training and learning, there is ample time for networking and fun. Please join us at our social hour, whether you are a current or future member. We’ll see you in DC!

SPSSI/SPSP Social Hour

Friday, August 4th
6:00 PM
Acadiana, 901 New York Ave
Hosted by Division 8 (SPSP) and Division 9(SPSSI)


2017 Program:

2017 D8 Program Cover

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