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Small Grants Offered for Research Focused on Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation

Word cloud of climate change terms
Passionate about research and the environment?

On behalf of the Climate Impact Task Force, SPSP now offers grants in personality and social psychology that focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Whether your research focuses on reducing levels of climate change, or aiding in the adaptation of climate change consequences, we want to hear your proposals!

We invite all research proposals that examine efforts to create systematic change. The goal of this program is to foster connections between social and personality psychology and the challenges posed to humanity by climate change. These grants serve as an opportunity to address many of the injustices associated with climate change, and the peoples most affected by changing weather patterns and disasters. The Task Force is particularly interested in ideas that have the potential to be scalable to larger efforts.

This is the first year Climate Impact grants are being offered, so now is the time to make your mark! Applications are due by December 1. Researchers of all backgrounds are invited to apply.

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