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Introducing the 2020-2021 Student Committee

The SPSP Student Committee is responsible for events at the annual convention, the monthly SPSPotlight newsletter, and other resources that support our graduate student community. Here are the Student Committee members for the upcoming year (along with some fun facts and what they're looking forward to at the 2020 Convention). When you see them in New Orleans, be sure to say hi!

2020 – 2021 Student Committee

Fernanda Andrade headshotFernanda Andrade, Chair

Fun fact: I've loved arts and crafts since I was a child. I've channeled that passion into building wood furniture and decorations!

2020 Convention: I'm looking forward to presenting the Student Awards, witnessing the product of our one-year of work, and meeting the new members of the student committee!

H. Annie Vu headshotH. Annie Vu, Vice-Chair

Fun fact: I am a crazy cat lady who has one cat and too many cat-related shirts and items.

2020 Convention: I'm looking forward to meeting my SC committee and other researchers in the field!

Heidi Vuletich headshotHeidi Vuletich, Past Chair

Fun fact: I love photography. I got my first camera when I was 12-years-old and have been enjoying taking photos ever since.

2019 Convention: I am looking forward to the program at this year's New Orleans convention and excited to meet the new members of our student committee.

Zachariah Berry headshotZachariah Berry, Member-at-Large

Fun fact: I'm a morning person who likes to arise at 4:30am during the weekdays.  

What are you looking forward to at the 2020 SPSP? Meeting and chatting with peers and faculty about research and academia.

James Carter headshotJames Carter, Member-at-Large

Fun fact: I am an avid volleyball player and still compete regularly with Columbia's club team!

2020 Convention: I am looking forward to my first SPSP convention and connecting with other like-minded scholars!

Beverly Conrique headshotBeverly Conrique, Member-at-Large

Fun fact: When I'm not doing research, mentoring, or serving on the SC Committee, I can usually be found searching for the perfect burrito in Pittsburgh (please send any suggestions my way!), performing improv around town, or playing Catan with friends.

2020 Convention: The 2020 SPSP Convention will be my second, and I am so excited to re-connect with all the amazing folks I met last year, to make some new friends, and to connect with my fellow colleagues in the Student Committee to work to improve the graduate student experience!

Julian Scheffer headshotJulian Scheffer, Member-at-Large

Fun fact: I tend to wake up most mornings between 5-5:30am to use the gym. I guess that is fun for me (and yes I can sense your eye rolls)!

2020 Convention: I attended SISPP 2019 at NYU and met a bunch of great people, so I am looking forward to reconnecting with them at the conference!

Kamiya Stewart headshotKamiya Stewart, Member-at-Large

Fun fact: I'm a homebody who loves traveling and outdoor activities.

2020 Convention: I look forward to meeting the rest of the SC, meeting up with fellow SISPP 2019 attendees, and networking with scholars in the field!

Hasagani Tissera headshotHasagani Tissera, SPSPotlight Co-Editor

Fun fact: I love doing scrapbooking and planning events, whether it's a birthday party, holiday party or academic gatherings!

2020 Convention: I'm really excited to meet the new members of the SC committee, to learn about innovative research in social psychology and to explore New Orleans!

Katie Austin headshotKatie Austin, SPSPotlight Co-Editor

Fun fact: I have moved 9 times, and I've never lived anywhere longer than 4 years (yet!).

2020 Convention: I always look forward to attending SPSP for two reasons: 1) I love reconnecting with friends and professors from my undergraduate institution (Creighton University), and 2) I really enjoy getting a chance to chat with researchers whose work I admire.


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