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Member Updates

The SPSP Publications Committee is delighted to announce that Monica Biernat will be the next Editor of Personality and Social Psychology Review
Big changes to the SPSP website are coming your way – more blogs, feature stories, and opportunities to share research among personality and social psychologists, as well as with the public. The Society is happy to announce the appointment of a new Web Editor, David Nussbaum, to spearhead this effort.   As SPSP has grown over the last several years, so too has our web presence. But while we launched a new, more dynamic web design in 2011, rapid developments in technologies and social media have again demanded more changes.  
Presidential Message to the Membership David Funder, President SPSP October 2013   Plans for the newly structured Executive Office are well under way, with the first important step in the process now complete: the hiring of a new Executive Director, Chad Rummel. Chad will be the first full-time Executive Director of SPSP in our history.  
The Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology are pleased to announce that henceforth the Society's annual Theoretical Innovation Prize will be known as the Daniel M. Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize. This award is granted annually for a new theoretical contribution to personality and social psychology. The dedication of this award to the memory of Dan Wegner is made possible by a generous donation from Worth Publishers.
The Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology is pleased to announce this year's winners of the Sage Young Scholar Award. This award, which is supported by a generous donation from Sage Publications, is presented annually to 5 young scholars to recognize their outstanding contributions to personality and
social psychology. The awardees each receive a grant of $5000 for research, study, or career development.  
Traditionally, the Executive Committee met twice a year, once for one-and-half days following our annual winter meeting, and again following the summer APA meeting. This year, to allow more extended discussion, the Executive Committee met in hot, humid, but always-interesting Chicago, from July 17-19, 2013. Many issues were discussed, including the restructuring of the Executive Office, recommendations from the Research Practices Task Force, and updates on the annual convention, to be held in Austin in February.