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Editors: Mark Leary, Shira Gabriel, Brett Pelham
Jul 14, 2017

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI July 14, 2017

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On the Blogs

Matthew Adams talks about social psychology and what Trumps decision to unilaterally withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement really means.
Susan Krauss Whitbourn writes on new research about the importance of conversational flow to create social connections
Art Markman covers a new study examining if vocational interests people have when they finish high school predict work, relationship, and health outcomes in people a decade later.
Stephanie Wykstra describes how scholars and researchers are working to restore confidence in peer-reviewed science.

In SPSP's News Center

To Attract More Students to STEM, Highlight Communal Aspects of STEM Careers
Studying students in the United States, India, and China, social psychologists show not only a cultural divide in how STEM careers are viewed, but that these views can be changed to encourage more interest in STEM fields. Coverage snapshot: Education Week, Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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