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eDialogue Member Newsletter: June 2020


Webinar: Strategies for Online Instructors
Members Ben Le and Yanna Weisberg share strategies for moving small classroom curriculum to online platforms like Zoom. A liberal arts context will be the focus, but all are encouraged to join. Free for members.


New Grants Offer Financial Relief
The SPSP Emergency Bridging Grants Program offers financial assistance to Graduate students and Early Career members with awards up to $500. If you are able, please help SPSP grow this program with a gift to the Annual Campaign.

Member Spotlight: Laura Luchies
Laura leads projects for the Calvin University Center for Social Research, where she serves as Associate Director. Her academic research focuses on conflict and forgiveness.

Job Search in a Challenging Economy
A job search in the midst of a strained economy can require patience and a different approach. Three SPSP members shared their experiences in the June #SPSPchat.

Ximena Arriaga

Will the Pandemic Change Political Attitudes?
Science weighs in: Will the crisis lead to increased socialism, liberalism, conservatism, racism, and/or xenophobia? More pandemic coverage from the SPSP blog is available here.

Out of the Lab: David Funder
Ryne Sherman sat down with Dr. Funder during SPSP2020 in New Orleans for this in-depth walk-through of his education, career, and journey through personality psychology.



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