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eDialogue Member Newsletter: September 2019


Latinx Researchers Reflect
eDialogue asked a few of our members to reflect on how being Hispanic/Latinx has influenced their path as researchers.

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Bringing Social Psychology to the Policymakers
Strong government policy requires the input of researchers who can effectively communicate their science to legislators.

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RMarkdown: What are You Waiting For?
Copying and pasting dozens of different numbers from stat software to manuscripts often leads to sloppy errors. R Studio's program offers a solution.

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Is a Nonacademic Career for You?
Drs. Lily Jampol and Paul Litvak discuss the factors that led them to pursue careers outside of academia. Free for members.

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Resources for Teachers
The Teaching section of the SPSP website now features textbook recommendations, sample syllabi and teaching aids submitted by SPSP members. 

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Self-Compassion Studies Supported through SPSP Grant
Member Erika Koch shares how one SPSP program helped support her research around self-compassion.

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