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image of two women with balloon faces - one happy one angry
People and pop psychologists alike love a good self-help book. The idea that you can take control of your life, changing things about yourself, your personality, or your emotions, is very appealing and often referred to as having a “growth mindset.”
illustration of gay and lesbian people
As researchers across many areas and universities focus more on individuals in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning or queer (LGBTQ) community, they are also studying individual identities within this diverse community.
lesbian couple with rainbow flag. Romantic relationship. Gender equality, family lifestyle.
A study of attitudes towards sexual minorities in 23 countries show more negative views towards gay men than lesbian women, but culture creates some variation on who holds the negative attitudes.
two hands cradle a plant above soil
UMass Amherst, UPenn research suggests invoking moral obligation may help
upset couple sitting apart on a couch
Study of US data shows persistent social norms about male breadwinning can harm men’s mental health.
Father and son laughing together
The stereotype for only children is that they are selfish, or more self-centered than those with siblings.